Channeling Multi-Dimensional Heartbreak to Discover the Silver Lining 

How do I even begin? How do I explain how my life works, and how I move in the world, by intuition and the ways of spirit, rather than what can logically be seen at first?

I am an energy intuitive, a psychic channel with mediumistic abilities, a massage therapist and a creative.  I FEEL before I see, or am shown or told through clairaudience and clairvoyance when I tune in.  

It is often hard to comprehend to those so earthly bound who only believe in what they are conditioned to see or are told, not what they feel.  If you are open to a different, elevated perspective on things and to higher realities–or at least the possibility something else far greater than many can perceive, exists, than I look forward to taking this journey with you. 

I have witnessed more and more people waking up, just as I’m aware that many are choosing to stay asleep or in fear.  It is at a soul level we make this choice. Each soul is on its own journey, hence the polarity and division we are experiencing in the world right now.

I’d like to combine my creative journey with my spiritual work, in hopes that it might just expand your life, vision, your heart, and way of moving in the world, too. I do not fit into a tiny box of other’s expectations of what is possible in this world, and I hope you can free yourself of self/societal imposed limitations too. Trust that I get the hesitation and fear of the unknown and going against what is imposed on us, as it took me a long time and a lot of work to open myself up to greater possibilities. But the deep sense of freedom is so liberating.

Such is the case with my @sips_from_the_edge profile on Instagram, which I often get asked about and why I started it. As much as it is about expressing myself in a different and freer way, it was also born of rejection. And not just any rejection, but rather multi-dimensional heartbreak.

Years ago, as I was leaning into my creative writing, turned automatic writing, turned channeling, I began to write a story of a man and his daughter who came to me in visions. And while I’ll save the full version for a book or movie one day, I will say that what I thought was a story became real life. After months of working with a writing partner, who lived in another country, I channeled that this man was an acquaintance of my writing partner, in that same country.

In my vision, the daughter was four years old, but in real life, she was still in her mother’s belly. And so, she began to come to me in my dreams.  Another little soul the man had lost many years prior began to orbit my world, which is how I knew I was a Medium.  I began having dreams about the man and writing things which he would then write on his social media weeks or months later. 

I honestly thought that perhaps I was going crazy! But when I reached out to this man via his social media to ask about a project he was working on, it turns out, he had noticed me too.  And when I finally connected with him and told him the “things” I had been experiencing, he confirmed many of those things as indeed real. Our connection felt star crossed. It felt unimaginable, yet magical. 

How was this possible and what a way to wake up to my abilities! And although he was in a different situation than the one he is in now, it felt destined.  I had readings from other intuitives who said yes, this was in fact real and true.

But then the reality of his current situation hit. He needed to work through some things in his life. I let him take the lead and didn’t speak my truth and allowed things I shouldn’t have because I assumed it would all work out in the end. And then the world started spinning, and the distance and the unknown became too much for him as did my abilities. I short circuited him. All of it at once. His reaction was to blocked me with not much of an explanation. Just like that, it was over, before it even really began.

Eventually he unblocked me with no explanation.  And then out of nowhere a little over a year later, ironically when I was traveling and only three hours away from where he lived, he messaged a short apology.  It was as if he still felt me. And on a day when just hours earlier I had come across a raven, who is this man’s symbol. The raven just stared at me. So, I asked this raven if it had a message for me. And clearly it did. It sounds like a movie, I know, but it is my reality. (On a light note, I did tell him about my profile, just to get one little triumph in there!) 

As spirit has said, there is a divine genius of how we end up on each other’s paths at the perfect time.  As old foundations crumble because they are no longer in alignment with who we are, there’s always a glimpse, a glimmer that others possibilities and other life exists. Heads up. Heart open.  

This leads me back to how it all began.  This man sparked something within me, which led to my profile on IG, which led me to make so many wonderful connections, far and wide. Connections I would have never made otherwise.  If it wasn’t for the rejection, the hurt and the redirection of my feelings, and the need to pour it into something creative, then we might have never met and that would have been a shame. 

I did not let the disappointment of that connection leave me broken. I chose to empower myself and dive into my truth, my sensuality–aspects of myself that needed to be explored, and turned it into something amazing. The silver lining is all of the experiences, connections, and feedback I have made as a result of it. 

So, next time you are feeling low or heartbroken, please understand we may never understand fully why things happen the way they do, but I will tell you this-there is always more involved than meets the eye. There are karmic contracts, soul contracts, changing timelines, and new chapters always in play. 

Some people are meant to come into our lives as challenges, as fun, as lessons, and as examples. It’s endless. But we get so attached to “how” it was supposed look and be that we don’t realize they were just messengers. People come into our lives to show us parts of ourselves we forgot or were hidden, to trigger us to heal the wounded parts of ourselves. 

And it takes courage, which is how I found you all. To think of the things I would not have experienced out of fear or judgment from others when all I really want to do is live, love and be alive, and experience all of the joys and messiness in this whole crazy existence we call Earth.

I’m going to keep doing things that bring me joy and make me feel alive, building my light body, letting go of things that no longer serve me because all I know is I want to look back on my life and say “I lived. I truly lived.” And If I help you to do it too, even better.

How do you truly want to live? 

**If you have any questions, topics or suggestions you might be interested in me writing about, please leave a comment here or message me @sips_from_the_edge on Instagram. I will combine my own personal wisdom with perhaps some channeling, depending on the subject or questions asked. It will come from a higher consciousness.

Rebecca has a background in the creative arts with a degree in Theatre, minor in English, working in films, television and stage. In the past few years she has been focusing on her spiritual healing work as an energy intuitive, psychic channel, medium and massage therapist and is combining worlds for a unique perspective on life.

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