Interview with Tattooist and Artists – Viola Artworks

Please tell me a little about yourself, including what inspired you to get into art and tattooing. 

I was born in Turin, Italy.

As a child I always loved drawing, and also messing with things and people with markers, always encouraged by my mother … I inevitably attended the art school in Milan and then I attended a year-long course for make-up artists, always in Milan, then later a year and a half of experience between photo sets and some cinema and theatre experience I entered my first tattoo convention. There I understood my love for tattoos; I just felt at ease. I wanted to do it as a job; I wanted to be a part of it.

From that moment, I tiptoed into this strange world; it was 2009. I bought a magazine of tattoo studio addresses and with my best drawings, I went to look for a studio that would teach me. I start it all like this…

What is your biggest challenge as an artist, and how have you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge is the one I haven’t overcome yet…

But I’ve overcome many others…

At the age of 25, I entered one of the most prestigious studios in Milan. Even if only for a few months, it was an important experience for me even if in some ways quite hard but always in that period, I received sincere compliments from an esteemed colleague who gave me give a lot of confidence, but the biggest challenge was deciding to open my beautiful studio with my partner, it was a difficult, beautiful and unforgettable experience… you need to have the courage to know how to seize opportunities.

Copyright – Viola Artworks

Being both a tattoo artist and an artist yourself, is there a specific way you need to create your art specifically for tattoo artwork? 

Yes, emotions and music.

I can create and bring something out when I feel emotions. Often while I’m tattooing, painting or drawing, or listening to music and somehow, my thoughts finally stop, and I express what I feel inside, I consider myself lucky to have a musician and composer boyfriend; his work is a great benefit to mine.

Please tell me the most bizarre place someone has asked for a tattoo, and did you do it? 

During my 13 years of work, I have gone through various studios, some of them truly singular like their clientele.. once a boy asked me for an inscription on his forehead with an Arial-type font.. of course, I tattooed it.

I’ve done others in bizarre places, but I don’t want to be trivial.

Copyright – Viola Artworks

Where do you find inspiration for your work, either tattoo or art?

Inspiration changes continuously. Every time I have periods that follow one another, like the seasons.. it all depends on what I live in that moment, if it’s an introspective and static period or if I’m living an intense period in some new place.

Sometimes a person catches my attention, and I find myself drawing some features of the face (for a tattoo) or some details of him in some sketches … as far as I’m concerned, emotions always drive inspiration … 

Have you ever taken the plunge and become a model for another artist or yourself? 

Since I can remember, I have always withdrawn.

As a 12-year-old girl, I was bullied at school; they were very mean to me. Even though I defended myself, sometimes I was offended by their wickedness, so I had a pocket mirror. When I was sad, I looked at my eyes and drew them until I learned to memorize them.. drawing has always been my outlet, my escape from reality.

I also appear in other drawings of mine but not yet in a painting, even if I’ve been planning it for years.. and I’ve never been a model or muse of any other artist.

Copyright – Viola Artworks

Are there any artists on Instagram who you admire?

Of course!

I have followed the great painter and sculptor Chetzar for years, the psychedelic art of Alex Grey, the great Maynard James Keenan of Puscifer, and the group Die Antwoord, whose music and style I adore, and many other artists.

If you could wish for three things to come true, what would they be and why?

1) I would like to have a well-organized space of my own where I can work and paintings and other works in my head; I have many projects in my head that absolutely must see the light.

2) I’m looking for new collaborations, especially around Murcia and Barcelona. So a big wish I have is to live near a big city; nearby because I would like to live in a countryside area but still in the province of an important city to meet other artists and participate in events.

3) A great feature of mine is not using digital art at all.

Many colleagues use procreate to create their work, but I prefer using real tools.

But I see that in reality, I’m not appreciated; on the contrary, sometimes I suffer a little to see how we are evolving; once upon a time, I would have worked much easier (just think of hand-painted cinema posters) so my last wish would be to find my dimension and finally my balance that I seek so much.

Copyright – Viola Artworks

Are you working on any current projects that you can tell us about?

Yes, I start almost as a joke: I had just finished a painting, and I no longer had canvases or canvas, so I took some jeans and painted them, and then I painted others, and after those, an anonymous sweatshirt that I never wore and I liked more and more, so I gave a jacket to a very sweet little girl with my little eye (created by me ), and they liked it so much that I recently opened a page with her mum to sell commissioned jackets and jeans hand painted by me. Let’s see what turn it will take.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in the next 2 years? 


At the moment, I work as a freelancer at various studios, but I would like to see myself as a resident in my environment,

I would like to see my qualities recognized and to be able to work peacefully without searching continuously but finally finding the place for me and finally being able to experiment not only as a tattoo artist but, as I said above, also in other arts such as sculpture and why not, music. In addition, I have a romantic wish, but you can’t say otherwise; it won’t come true..

Copyright – Viola Artworks

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