Interview with photographer – Mondoimaginarium

When did you get into photography, and what first inspired you to start?

I started out modelling myself in the fall of 2021 and started photographing others at the start of 2022. In the beginning, I used my iPhone, but I quickly borrowed and then purchased a used full-frame camera, which I still use today.

I like capturing vibes and atmospheres.

You have created some impressive photos. Are you all completely self-taught or have you doing any photographic training?

Thank you so much; I really appreciate that.

I have no training whatsoever. I deliberately don’t take training or workshops because I want to protect and nurture my sense of aesthetics and develop my own style of photography. I don’t want to be limited by conventions or what others might think is “right”.

Copyright – Photographer – Mondo Imaginarium

Whilst developing your style, what did you find the most challenging skill to master?

I discovered that I had an eye for angles and lighting, but the post-production process was – and still is – hard to master. I feel like I’m closing in on the style I like. However, what I like now isn’t what I liked 6 months ago. It’s an ongoing process of growth and development.

What is the current Camera & Lens combination you work with?

My camera is a Canon DX1. I prefer my 50mm 1.8 Canon lens, but I also use my 28-75mm Tamron objective when I need a little more flexibility.

Copyright – Photographer – Mondo Imaginarium

What software do you use to edit your photos?

Primarily Lightroom and sometimes a little bit of Photoshop on top.

If I edit pictures taken with my phone, I sometimes use Snapseed, a free app with very cool filter options and some editing options.

But Lightroom is my primary editing tool.

If you could plan your perfect photoshoot and didn’t have any restrictions, what would it be of and why?

Forest shoot in the summer. Early morning sunrise, midday shoot in the deep of the forest with sun rays coming through the leafs and branches, ending with a sunset shoot.
All with 10 female models of all shapes and sizes, dressed in retro, white see-through summer dresses. Forest nymph vibes.
The second day repeats in a historic castle setting.

Copyright – Photographer – Mondo Imaginarium

What is the max number of models you have shot in one shoot so far?

Ahh, 2 models in one session.

I have a planned shoot with 3 models next month … perhaps even 4, and the fourth one will be me! Certainly will be a more challenging shoot, but something I would look forward to.

If you could invent one item of equipment to make your job easier, what would it be and why?

Natural-light-in-a-box 😄

Because natural lighting is my preferred light … and it’s not readily available at all times 😊

Copyright – Photographer – Mondo Imaginarium

In your opinion, what makes a good photograph? How do you decide when something you create meets or exceeds your expectations?

A successful picture in my mind evokes (mainly positive) emotions. Whatever they might be … curiosity, interest, lust, happiness, satisfaction, joy.

I like creating photographs of a somewhat dreamy nature. Soft lighting, partly unfocused.

Showing the beauty, the aesthetics of all forms … shapes, sizes, ages, and colours are important to me. I value diversity.

But I also enjoy creating images that provoke, that pushes the observer and takes them out of their comfort zone.

Occasionally I also enjoy architecture and street photography.

Finally, let me add that I also model myself in self-photography and with other photographers. For those interested in me modelling for them and want to see my model portfolio, drop me a message 🤩

I will travel to Yerseke, Holland, from December 11-18, 2022 and New York/Baltimore from January 7-19, 2023 – to let everyone know where I am, as I am open to collabs on either side of the camera!

What do you hope to achieve in the next 2 years?

Continue to explore, experiment and grow my photography. Create beautiful moments. Be open 🙏

Copyright – Photographer – Mondo Imaginarium

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