Savannah – Life/Photo Model

Please tell me a little about yourself and how you got into modelling.

Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m 29, and I have been modelling for the last 2-3 years. Previously I was into landscape and wildlife photography and started getting interested in taking portraits. So I started out by taking portraits of myself. I found a love for being on the other side of the camera and knew this was something I wanted to pursue. So I started doing some research into the types of modelling out there and what appealed to me more. Self-portraits really helped my body confidence as, at the time, I had quite a negative body image and seeing the results of the images that I took myself really helped boost my confidence.

Do you remember your first photo shoot, and how did you feel? Also, do you remember what the shoot was about?

My first photo shoot was in a woodland nearby where I lived at the time with my partner. He is also a photographer and is very talented at portrait photography which came in handy! It was a foggy autumn day and we found a beautiful piece of woodland and started doing a range of implied nude and nude shots. I remember feeling at first a little nervous to be nude in the woods, where there is a chance that someone would appear around the corner, but thankfully they didn’t. But it didn’t take long till I felt very comfortable in my own skin, and we spent a couple of hours getting some incredible photos. I finished the photo shoot being much more confident and comfortable in my own skin, which was a big deal for me at the time.

Copyright: Savannah Modelling

What is the most enjoyable or demanding part of modelling/self-portrait work?

I love getting to meet new photographers and help bring to life what they have imagined for the photoshoot.

I would say the most demanding is getting regular paid work.

Given a choice between Black&White or Colour photos, which would you choose and why?

Oooh that is difficult! I think for studio/indoors I prefer black & white as it creates such beautiful contrast and drama to the image. For out and about in nature I prefer colour, as I think all the colours in nature are so beautiful and and shouldn’t go to waste.

Copyright: Savannah Modelling

When you create your self-portrait photos, what camera & lens setup are you using? Plus, what software do you use to edit your photos?

I use my Sony A7III with a 50mm f1.8 lens. I’ll have that set up on a tripod and will then use my phone as a remote. I use lightroom for all my editing. The only time I use photoshop is if there is something distracting in the background.

I see you have created a Patreon account. Could you tell me what the reason is for it? Also, do you think it will change people’s perspectives on your modelling?

So I can share all my photos uncensored as it does ruin the photo a little when I have to draw black crosses over my nipples. It’s also a great way to encourage people to support my creativity and artwork so I can continue doing it.

Definitely, I have had a mix of positive and negative reactions from people about my Patreon, but I filter out the negative and focus on the people that love and support my type of modelling.

Copyright: Savannah Modelling

Given an unlimited budget and without restrictions, please describe your perfect shoot.

An ethereal/fantasy shoot in a ancient woodland. Shots on horseback as well as a mix of nude and implied nude amongst the forest with Ethereal themed costumes.

If you met your younger self, what advice would you give yourself?

To love yourself and to put yourself first. Get away from toxic people and go travel the world! Don’t let anyone hold you back.

Copyright: Savannah Modelling

If one of your friends came to ask you for advice about becoming a model, what three pieces of advice would you give them?

1. Figure out the type of modeling you would enjoy the most, rather than just trying to do them all!

2. Learn to love your body where it’s at, don’t get pressured into losing weight, changing your look to please others, be unapologetically yourself.

3. Don’t spend a fortune on your portfolio, there are plenty of talented photographers out there doing time for print.

Do you have goals that you want to achieve in the next 2 years?

To continue building my Patreon and getting more regular work doing Life Modelling. I hope in the next few years that life modelling could be my full time occupation.

Copyright: Savannah Modelling

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