Christopher Glover

When did you first start to be interested in photography? Has it always been something you have wanted to do?

I took an interest in Photography in 2011 while deployed to Afghanistan. We took Combat Photographer out in the city to photograph and document the current situation of the city. I was drawn to how he composed images and how he made a simple photo look like art. Forward to 2014, I bought my first camera, which was Canon T6i. Using the camera on auto and photographing landscape and the kids, I didn’t think it was something I wanted to invest more money into due to my images was not good. After I retired out the Army I took a job at Amazon. My site manager was a street photographer. He showed me his images and the photography bug bite me again in 2020. I went straight out and grabbed a camera. I started gravitating towards portraits. After few classes and hours of YouTube I started to create some ok images. As time went on I learned bit more day by day. I will forever be student to the craft because now it is a passion.

Whilst you were learning to take photos, what was the most challenging part to master?

After starting with portraits, I found that retouching and color grading was difficult. Luckily with all the new technology that adobe Lightroom has, the workflow is now easier. I wanted to create my style, My niche, my art that catches people eye. For me, making those colors pop without messing up the models skin tones was the hardest for me.

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What is the most enjoyable part of being a photographer, and what parts do you which you could remove?

The most enjoyable part for me in photography is trouble shooting. When a picture is not coming out right, I love when I have figure what is needed to make the image I’m taking better. I’m not trying to make the image better to fit what the world want to see. I try to make it better for what I want to see. If I had to remove one part of photography I would removed the book standard critiques. People will tell you all the thing you did wrong to make an image. I have learned that if I photograph for social media I loose the joy in photography. Now I shoot for me and what I like. some of the best art was made out of mistakes.

How would you describe your photographic style to someone who has not seen your work?

If I had describe my style of work to somebody I would say colorful and eye catching. I like for my work to be as clean as possible but still realistic. I’m a subject emphasis so I like to photograph subjects and make them stand out.

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Is there a piece of photographic equipment you could not live without approx from your camera/lens?

I could not live without my flash. Flash photography is my thing. I don’t mind natural or available light, but flash can be used in any situation.

Your images are fantastic whether you take them in or out of the water. Do you go through a specific process to create these beautiful photos?

When I get to the location I take a step back and look at the entire area. I am scanning for potential backdrops that could be nice as well how the sun or other lights are falling. I also turn on my camera and look through the viewfinder to see what the area look like through the lens I’m using. Even if I don’t like something I will change it to what I want to see in photoshop.

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Please describe if you could arrange the perfect photoshoot without any restrictions; what would it be?

The most crazy thing about that is I lived in my dream photoshoot space for 4 years and was not into Photography yet. My dream shoot is in Hawaii, on the north shore. In November the waves are big and the water crashing on the beach is phenomenal to see. I would love to a portrait session there with long flowing dress with tail in the wind. Red dress so it contrast well against the blue sky.

Have you ever considered turning the tables and becoming a model either for another photographer or as a self-portrait model?

I don’t think I belong in front of the lens. I don’t mind taking pictures but I rather be the one taking them. I have took some self-portraits, but I think I’m better behind the camera.

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How do you decide after you have taken the photo if it meets or exceeds your expectations?

After a photo session that I’m am in control of, I load all images in my computer and make sure they are sharp. I will pick a few that catches my eye and highlight them. I will spend a few days looking over images before I start editing them. I keep a few in my vault for when I learn something new I can practice. This is usually an easy process because when I’m on location shooting I only take the shots that I want see. I never spray and pray. All my shots are strategic before I press that shutter release.

Do you have any goals for the next 3 years?

The next three years I would love to move my studio from my garage to a store front. I have a lot of Photography buddied that need space to shoot and always have questions about my work flow. Hopefully by then I will giving classes to new photographer. Actually showing them the proper way then helping them do it the way they want to do it. Break the idea of what people thing a good image is, and making people understand that its art.

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