Interview with Self-Shoot Model – Audrey LaRen

When did you first start modelling? Was it something you have always wanted to do?

I first started modelling when I was 14 years old. I submitted my school picture to the back of a magazine and was contacted by a modelling agency in Texas.  I knew I always wanted to model and it is something I still do to this day over twenty years later.

So what came first was modelling or self-portrait work. Also, what made you move from one to the other?

Modelling definitely came first. I’ve done runway, editorial, and some fashion. I also was asked to go to Italy for the summer for a name brand, but my dad said no because I was sixteen. I still shoot now about once a month and self-shoot in between. What made me move from one to the next? I wanted to shoot more, and I had ideas that some photographers didn’t want to shoot, so I started doing it myself.

Copyright – Audrey Roe

Where do you find your inspiration for your photos?

I am inspired by the artists I follow on Instagram and other platforms. I also gain inspiration through life circumstances. Self-shooting is a form of therapy for me. It is my happy place.

What do you see as the most challenging part of self-portrait photography?

The most challenging part of self-portrait photography is time and trying to portray how I feel to the audience. It’s challenging because how I see it in my head is not always conveyed emotionally.

Copyright – Audrey Roe

Which camera do you use to take your pictures, and what software do you use to edit?

I don’t use a camera… I use my iPhone. Partly because my phone is always with me and I just choose to use the timer setting on my phone. I would probably have clearer images if I had used my camera, but I chose to use my phone. I edit in photoshop.

Is there any advice you would give someone looking to start self-portrait photography?

Yes, I would tell people to learn photoshop and use a camera versus a phone for images. Don’t be critical of yourself, just shoot and enjoy the process.  Also, keep all your images because you can always look at them later and find hidden jewels.

Copyright – Audrey Roe

Please describe what would be your perfect self-portrait photoshoot if there were no restrictions.

My perfect shoot would be on the beach, under waterfalls, in a winter cabin, by firelight, and underwater. I have a lot of fantasy ideas that I want to capture.

What do you like to get up to when you are not in front of the camera?

I love the camera! When I’m not at a photo shoot or self-shooting, I’m singing in front of it and sending the demos to Sony Music. I love being the centre of attention.

Copyright – Audrey Roe

Have you ever considered posing as a life model? If not, why not?

Yes! I would love to do that!

Do you have any plans for the future that you can share with me?

I feel alive when I’m creating. My plans are pretty simple, I want more magazines, and I want to be in an Art Gallery.

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