Angel Eyes Devils Booty – Photo/Artist Model

How did you first get into modelling? Was it something you have also wanted to do?

I never had the goal of becoming a real model. I started posting only pictures of myself on Instagram. The account was open, and the pictures were all selfies. But I wanted to show it as professionally as possible and worked with a tripod, mobile phone and remote trigger. I started on September 21. At some point, a follower told me I could work with photographers. But I didn’t understand the customs. There are supposed to be people who want to photograph me, and then I have photos that don’t cost me any money. At some point, I got one request after the next. On March 22, I got my way and made an appointment. Then I found so much joy in it that I don’t want to stop.

Some artists have also captured you; I wondered how that came about.

That was also so strange for me, it was beginners who wanted exercise. They asked if they could trace pictures of me. I thought it was very kind of someone to ask, and I allowed it. And then, the first request came if I could take photos with certain poses or themes so that they could become artwork. I am very open and curious and hope for the best in people. So far, I have either been lucky or had a good instinct. In fact, only once before has a woman painted me from Iran. That was a great honour for me.

If you were to be captured in one medium, i.e. painted, drawn, photographed, cast or sculpted, which one would you choose and why?

If I had only one choice, it would be a sculpture. Because you can not only see me but also touch me. I would be 3D and could last for many years. Maybe one day, somewhere, I could be dug up. 🤣

And maybe descendants will still see me standing in the garden. It would be interesting to see what your own great-grandmother used to look like.

I see that you also make costumes for your photo shoots; that is very crafty. What is your favourite costume you have made?

I have been sewing for some time and love making costumes, especially for shooting, when I have good ideas or see something nice. My favourite sewing is Little Red Riding Hood because this cape is the only one that made it into photos. I haven’t found the right location or idea for good pictures for the other costumes yet.

What for you is the best part of modelling and the worst?

The best thing about modelling is meeting new people and making art. I have great joy in thinking up themes, sifting through locations and developing ideas. The image is created in my head.

The worst thing, if you can call it that, is that it costs a lot of money, because of course I buy all my own lingerie and jewellery and can often only wear it once. But I’ve always liked buying underwear and other pretty things. So it’s okay. It’s all for me. And other hobbies cost money too.

Have you ever thought about turning the tables and being the photographer?

At first, I was a photographer and model in one. I liked seeing the results and creating and editing the pictures according to my taste. But I find modelling and interacting with photographers much better and more relaxed when I’m just a model. I also don’t have the patience to deal with photography. I also believe there is a difference between a learned skill and a talent. And for me, that is definitely somewhere else.

Can you tell me about when you had so much fun on a shoot that you forgot that you were working?

Actually, it’s never been work for me. I really do it for the sheer joy and fun of it. I enjoy the time when everything revolves around me for 3 to 4 hours. In none of the shoots so far has it been exhausting or work. Most of the time, there is a lot of laughter. However, there can be very intense feelings depending on the type of photography. But I haven’t really experienced it like that yet. But I have often been happy but tired.

What would you do if you could arrange your perfect photographer?

My perfect photographer is creative and can imagine my ideas and work them out with me. Nothing is worse than talking to someone with no imagination or an image idea. For me, at best, they are artists who already have their image in mind and just need to realise it and immortalise it in a photo. The person should treat me respectfully but may also find me attractive in photography because otherwise, it becomes quite insensitive. When someone paints or sings, they also want to evoke feelings, and that’s how I see photography.

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve in the next 3 years?

Three years is a long time, and I have no goals in this area. It’s my hobby. I want to have fun, use this time for myself and continue to increase my self-esteem. It would be nice to develop further and let everything come to me. I have the support of my husband, and that is actually enough. It should just make me happy and never burden my family or me.

If an artist wanted to draw you, what is the best way for them to contact you?

If artists of any kind want to work with me, all you have to do is DM me on Instagram or VERO, and if the chemistry is right, we can make art together.

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