Where White Feathers – Penny Carter

What first made you start self-portrait photography?

I started to take photos of myself for a confidence boost. I have always been very awkward and clumsy. A photo can capture that single moment when things all come together to show that, in fact, I don’t always have 2 left feet. I know I could have gone to a photographer, and there are many amazing photographers out there. But it is all about having the confidence to sit or stand there in front of someone and try and look good. This isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone when someone is looking and judging you.

Is there a specific process you go through to create your images?

I research poses, outfits and lighting and ideas that I have seen other models and photographers post and put my own spin on things from what I can achieve on my own and with my abilities. Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn’t.

My First Self-Portrait
Copyright – wherewhitefeathers

In your option, what makes a good photograph? How do you decide when something you create meets or exceeds your expectations?

What makes a good photo, mmmmm? well, it will be the ones that don’t make me look awkward, the one that doesn’t show the rolls of fat. When the focusing, pose and lighting all come together, and you get that – ooo that’s it! moment.

What is the hardest part of self-portrait photography?

Being the photographer, model and lighting director all rolled into one while wearing really high heels and lingerie! It’s exhausting. Every time I want to change the camera angle or camera settings I have to leap up make the adjustments, get myself into position and then the camera goes into standby mode….so I leap up reset get into position again take a few photos, leap up have a look at what I took and adjust and start again. A full-body workout!

Challenging Position
Copyright – wherewhitefeathers

I can see you have calibrated with artists. Is this something you want to do more of?

Yes, it’s great fun to share ideas and to see something from someone else point of view. Other people always see things so very differently. Something that I think will never look good someone else will think differently.  Always an eye-opener and it’s good to have an open mind to new ideas.

Have you ever taken a lot photo by mistake and the results surprised you?

All the time!

Accidental Photo
Copyright – wherewhitefeathers

If you could arrange your ideal self-portrait shoot without any restrictions, what would it be?

Because I take my photos myself, I either have to hold the wireless shutter release in one hand or operate it with my toe or my chin or another body part. A timer can be used, but it adds so much time to a shoot. Therefore some poses and themes are really difficult – for example, a bath shoot, I’d love to do one but hard to do on my own, but water is the enemy to electrical gadgets and can you imagine getting into position and the camera goes into standby. I like Arty things like body scaping and the use of mirrors—all tricky on your own.

Which camera and lenses do you use? Also, what do you use to edit your photos?

I have a canon eos 700D and a variety of lenses and a macro lens. I use photoshop elements just to adjust the lighting etc. and remove distinguishing features. I am not very good at photoshop, so what you see is me, not a glossy version of me.

My favourite photo
Copyright – wherewhitefeathers

Can you tell us what goals you want to achieve in the next 2 years?

To work with more fabulous photographers to achieve a more varied portfolio and to actually meet some of the wonderful people I have met on social media. I sell my photos and videos, so it would be nice if this made a really good income too.

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