Cirkus Vogler – Paper lover/ Experimental Photographer/ Mixed Media

How did you come up with the name Cirkus Vogler and what does it mean?

Cirkus Vogler combines the idea of the circus as a set of spectacular anomalies and a place of magic and wonder, not without elements of restlessness, and the recurring surname of the Bergmanian characters in the director’s films more open to a dreamlike aesthetics.

When did you first become interested in art?

I can’t define the moment in which I became interested in art, I believe that the interest in all arts has always been within me.
Various forms of art have fascinated me since I was a child, and artistic currents such as expressionism and symbolism have strongly influenced me.

Copyright.- Cirkus Vogler

How would you describe your artwork style to someone you have never met?

My artistic style is quite indefinable and framed. I like to range from one technique to another and mix them. My latest works are a hybrid of photography, collage and assemblage. I prefer black and white, and my works are mainly digital but with an analogue soul.

In my research, I try to exploit all the elements I have, such as newspaper clippings, recycled materials, and objects found in the garbage.

Did you undergo specific educational training, or are all your skills self-taught?

I am fully self-taught.

Copyright.- Cirkus Vogler

Your images are wildly creative on your page – Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

I draw inspiration from everything that intrigues me. Even a visit to a Greek museum can provide me with numerous creative inputs. I like cinema, and many of the suggestions come from the films I see. I am also interested in everything related to the human psyche and in my works I use the human figure (or part of it) to investigate psychological issues of various kinds. Nature is also a source of inspiration for me.

Is there a specific process that you go through to create your artwork?

The creative process has become quite automatic for me. I have an aesthetic pattern defined in my mind. In the beginning, there is something that attracts my attention, one or more visual elements that I will combine together according to that aesthetic pattern.

Copyright.- Cirkus Vogler

Can you tell me which piece of art you have created was the most fun and why?

Well, I always have a lot of fun creating my works, even if they don’t look very funny.

If you were given an unlimited budget, is there a piece of art you want to create but have not managed? Can you describe what you would do?

I’ve never thought about it. I think I don’t need big budgets to create, on the contrary, the fact of having limits, even economic ones, stimulates me and inspires me more. The strength of my creations is being very poor, I just need paper, some objects, some magazine clippings, dried flowers, a pair of scissors. Well, if I had a big budget, I think I would use it for a nice trip!

Copyright.- Cirkus Vogler

You are given a choice to create a black/white image or a colour image; which would you choose and why?

For sure I would choose black and white because it gives me a sense of balance and is now part of my poetics. When I imagine a photo I always imagine it in black and white. This is in my opinion a choice like any other, an aesthetic choice, a way of telling.

Can you let me into a little secret? Can you let me know what projects you have in the works?

I’m working on a short film. It will be a mix of videos and stop-motion images worked according to my style, obviously in black and white. Silent cinema is giving me so much inspiration. The theme will be about obsessions and death. A little bit of horror I hope.

Copyright.- Cirkus Vogler

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