Self Portrait Artist – Children Of The Same Sunbeam

What made you start Children of the same sunbeam Instagram page and start publishing self-portraits, and what was the reason behind it? 

Some years ago, when phones started making self-portraits easier, I became interested in exploring specific aspects of photography but on myself – things like light, perspective, and textures. From there it was a small step toward wanting to start exploring the world of erotic photography. I had already dabbled in it a bit but wanted to do something with more thought and substance. 

Have you always been interested in photography? What got you started taking pictures. 

I’ve had an interest in photography since I was a kid. I was fascinated with wanting to capture all that my eyes could see, especially details and light. 

Your photos are lit amazing well with natural light, how did you learn how to take such good pictures? 

Aw, thank you so much! It’s been through lots of trial and error!

What do you use to take your photos, and how do you edit them? 

All my photos are taken with my phone. I usually edit them with Snapseed. On rare occasions, I might add a bit more editing on the Instagram app. 

Which did you do first? Take the photo and find a quote or find a quote and then take a photo to fit. Plus, why do you do it this way?

It depends. Sometimes there’s a quote I really want to use and think of a photo that would go well with it. In other cases, there’s a photo that I’m very fond of and then I go and find a quote for it. Adding quotes is my (easy) way of adding more substance to the world of erotic self-portraits. I like to make people think and feel beyond just a cute quote or an erotic photo. If it happens or not I really have no way of knowing, but I try. 

What do you find to be the most challenging part of self-portrait photography? 

Getting the angles I want. There’s a difference between how we perceive ourselves and what the camera captures. In my case, I sometimes have difficulty in achieving a specific angle because of that. 

If you could arrange your dream self-portrait shoot, what would it be like? 

Dreamy clothes, a gorgeous natural setting, and amazing light. Think along the lines of “goddess frolicking in the woods in the golden hour”. 

Your photos are amazing would you ever consider being a artist’s model?

Thanks again! I think my self-esteem and self-image would naturally prevent that (it’s a work in progress, ok?). But if it ever happens, and it’s with the right person, why not?

Do you think social media sites restrict content creators or make them more creative in finding different ways to express themselves?

Both. I understand the need for some restrictions on platforms as open as Instagram. What I don’t understand is why they also target people who have private profiles. In a way, yes, it forces content creators to become more creative. What bugs me is that, quite often, the whole issue boils down to whether or not you can show nipples, for example. In practical terms, that means Instagram can delete a photo you published because it has a nipple in quite an innocent setting; at the same time you can have an extremely erotic photo covering just the nipple and apparently, that’s ok. The way I see it, this sort of restriction only reinforces the hypocrisy going on in the world right now concerning the human body. In a way, this forces a type of creativity that can easily become a way of simply avoiding legal problems and, in the process, forbidding and therefore fetishising something which is completely natural.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in the next 3 years? 

I’ll admit I’m not thinking that far ahead concerning what I’m doing on Instagram. But maybe, just maybe, there will be something to do with erotic short stories. 

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