White Angel – Photographic Model

How did you first start modelling? Was it something you have always wanted to do

I started modelling as a hobby; it was something for myself; my family were growing up, so it was the right time to have a little me time.

Do you remember your first photo shoot? Could you let me know about it and how you felt?

Yes, I remember my first shoot well; I was approached on a model/photographer site for collaboration & loved his work, so I went ahead.

It was for lingerie the photographer was very experienced in magazine work & he taught me a lot about posing it was fascinating, he also showed me a little about photoshop at his studio.

I felt very at ease & totally enjoyed it.

Copyright – White Angel

What part of modelling do you most enjoy, and what parts do you wish you didn’t have to do?

I enjoy all of my photo shoots; there isn’t anything I wish I didn’t have to do… I treat them all as professionally as possible… sometimes I have to be prepared to travel, but that’s part of the work too.

Can you tell me about a shoot you have that had so much fun you forget it was work?

Most of my shoots are fun; charity days can be fun, relaxed & social.

Some of my photographers have become friends, too, so our work is relaxed & fun.

The milk bath & gel shower shoot was fun as it was something different.

Copyright – White Angel

Are there any photographers on Instagram whose work inspires you and you want to work with but haven’t yet?

There are many photographers on Instagram I’d love to yet still work with as they have very inspiring work. I feel very privileged with those I’ve worked with so far; they have enormous talent & creativity.

I see that you have taken some self-portraits. Do you have any plans to continue and expand your photography? 

Yes, sometimes I self-portrait; I love to do my own in my spare time & play around with photoshop with my editing & maybe a course is something I feel would be right for me in the future.

Copyright – White Angel

If you could plan your ideal photoshoot without restrictions, what would it be and why?

I would go overseas & work in a very lush villa with surrounding areas which would have fantastic pools & backdrops.

You are also a Burlesque dancer; what is your favourite song to dance to?

I love to dance to most music in burlesque.

I love my chosen song at the moment for the solo I’m working on. I can’t say what it is, as that would be giving it away, but you’ll find out in December when I showcase it.

I love classic burlesque, rock, and modern music—all of it.

Copyright – White Angel

If one of your friends came to you and asked for advice about becoming a model, what three pieces of advice would you give them? 

3 pieces of advice:

Be prepared to work hard & travel and to work for Time For Prints to build up a portfolio in the beginning. It can take a full day for a 2-3 hour shoot with the hair/ makeup & travel too.

Always check references/websites before arranging a shoot.

Please don’t compare yourself to others; we are all beautiful in our own way… most of all, Enjoy

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve in the next two years?

I’m working on a calendar for 2023, a new website for merchandise

My first burlesque solo

I plan to work towards more magazine publications.

Copyright – White Angel

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