Photographer Jack Tranter

Jack is a northern-based photographer who has helped Life Models Richard and Ruth expand their creative side into photograph.

Can you remember what first motivated you to take up photography and how has your style changed over time?

I have been doing photography since 2018, and it started with my friend Maria who enjoys modelling for photographers. One day she asked me if I would take her photos; however, I didn’t own a camera then, so I had to borrow an older camera from my grandma. Which was the first time using a DSLR camera since I have enjoyed Photographing different people.

I am still expanding my photography skills and learning new things, so my style has constantly been changing. However, I have recently found the use of a new backdrop that I have been using gives my photography an overall look I am going for at this moment in time.

What was the most challenging part of photography you found to master?

The most challenging part of photography for me was retouching my photographs; after many shoots, I learned my own ways of editing my pictures, and I have started to develop a consistent editing routine for my portraits.

I see you are a professional photographer (Congrats); what is the most enjoyable thing about it?

To me, the most enjoyable thing about photography is being face to face in the studio with a client making visions come to life and meeting new people, I also enjoy the editing side of photography and find it quite exciting the transition from an unedited photograph to a finished product.

What camera do you use? Also, do you have a go-to lens that you always use?

All of my photographic and video work is captured using a Canon EOS R, as for a go-to lens this depends on the type of shoot as I do both studio and on location photography; when I am shooting in my studio, I will choose to use my RF 50mm f1.8 this is due to the size limitation of my studio. However, if I am shooting on location, then I use my Canon EF 85mm F1.2 to get a nice shallow depth of field.

How did the shoot come about with Ruth & Richard and what it your first time shooting life models?

Richard and Ruth contacted me through Instagram, I had just received a new backdrop and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it, and the photos taken from this shoot have been some of my most successful photographic work so far.

Richard and Ruth are the first life models that I have worked with; however, after seeing what can be achieved, I look forward to working with more life models in the future.

If life models want to expand into photographic work, what words of advice would you give them?

After seeing the finished product following the photoshoot through the work of a life model and a photographer, I would highly recommend at least having a go.

Copyright – Jack Tranter

You have given a shoot to plan with no restrictions; what would be your ideal shoot?

One photoshoot that I have always wanted to take on would be one with a model in a field who has a large pumpkin carved out and placed over the top of her head. I have tried to do this photoshoot two times now over the past two years (at Halloween time), but so far, all of the pumpkins I have been able to get hold of have never been able to fit over the top of someone’s head; the pumpkins have always been slightly too small for this.

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve in the next 2 years?

In the following year, I will be finishing my dissertation for my Honors degree in photography, where I am writing about, ‘The Impact of Photography on the Evolution of Social Media Websites and Communication Systems – How Social Media Effects the Working Life of a Modern-day Photographer’ Once I have done this providing, I get the grades I would like to be doing my Master’s degree in photography.

If you want to see more of Jack’s photo work – Instagram and video work – YouTube

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