Model/Photographer – black_tie_white_noise

Instagram model/photographer _black_white_noise_ takes captures her mood through photos. So she has a diary of emotions.

What was the idea behind starting _black_tie_white_noise_?

I got into self-photography at the beginning of the lockdown, coping with the unbearable uncertainty by grounding in my own body. I figured I couldn’t rely on my limited skills as a photographer to create quality images, so I heavily relied on props: lingerie, leather, and fetish footwear. Stylistically, I went with a retro flair, slightly campy, quite ironic – something life-affirming I needed at the time. Eventually, I exhausted the limits of that aesthetic and decided to try something opposite, thus the black and white, stark, minimalist images I favour these days.

All your photos are in black/white what is the reason you have chosen this over colour?

On the one hand, it’s a conscious move away from my previous aesthetic. On the other, it’s shameless pandering to the pretentious notion that black and white photography is somehow more artistic, more sophisticated than colour photography. The reality is quite the opposite, of course. But in the world of erotic photography, black and white is shorthand for “art,” so posting a black and white photo of your ass crack is a thoughtful artistic commentary on the vulnerability of the human body. In contrast, the same photo in colour is just soft porn. Unfair, I know.

Which camera and software do you use to create your photos?

I use an iPhone11, a smaller one. The camera software comes with iOS, and most of the initial editing is done in the Photos app. All the final touches are applied manually in VSCO; sometimes, I get lazy and use their presets.

What do you find the most challenging part in creating your images?

Without question, the most challenging part is the light setup. I’ve never studied photography formally; it’s literally a “how do I replicate this pic I like?” learning process for me. So I mess with my ring light until I get a tolerable result, then fix the rest in postproduction.

Copyright – _black_tie_white_noise

Have you gone on any photographic courses, or is your knowledge self-taught by trial and error?

Everything I know about photography I’ve learned from the kind and generous folks online who tirelessly post tutorials and masterclasses. Ironically, several of my close friends are serious photographers, but somehow, their professional advice has always gone over my head.

You have come up with some fantastic photos. Where do you find your inspiration?

First of all, thank you for your kind words. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your creative self-expression resonate with others, and it amazes me every time. As far as inspirations – or aspirations – I set out to create images that depict a woman’s body in its innate sensuality but without the overt sex appeal that permeates the boudoir aesthetic—nudity as a meditation rather than an invitation. Since I only use my own body for this lofty goal, which happens to be a small and soft body, it presents a bit of a challenge.

Copyright – _black_tie_white_noise

Since you have started _black_tie_white_noise_ have you learnt anything new?

I’ve always been quite comfortable with casual nudity, so I didn’t realise how much of a big deal it is for some people.

Are there any words of wisdom you can pass on to someone looking to start documenting their life in photos?

The common wisdom is “be yourself.” Screw that. Be whatever you want to be today. Be something else tomorrow. Try new personas like you try new shoes. Make masks, wear them, discard them, and make new ones. The whole point of this artistic enterprise is to examine the multitude of facets that make you the crazy diamond that you are. So don’t sit in the tepid puddle of your habitual self-perception; leave your comfort zone behind and shine on.

Copyright – _black_tie_white_noise

What are you looking to achieve in the next two years?

Creatively – I cannot say because I might get completely bored with self-photography in general, like I’ve gotten bored with many heavily invested hobbies over the years. Or perhaps I try pop art or glitch aesthetic; I honestly don’t know. Personally – two years from now, I see myself chilling naked on my deck, surrounded by trees for acres and acres.

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