Model Room 926

LA based model Room 926 is a photo and life model. With over 17K followers on Instagram has made her mark on the world. We chatted about her journey as a model.

How did you first get into modelling? Do you remember what your first job was?

I started figure modelling several years after I started modelling for photography. I have a dear friend named Corrin who suggested me to a studio that often held artist workshops. So my first job was there at David Simon Studio. The images of me lying on my side that I sent you for this article are from that first session.

What is the best and worse part of being a model?

The best part is the artists. Their work. Their point of view and personal style. It’s beautiful and fascinating to see what they see and how they choose to translate my essence and what I’m doing into their works.

and the worse; It can be very physically taxing. I’m often sore for days after a long session, but honestly it’s totally worth it! 

Artist name: John Zeleznik / Model: Room 926

As a model and dancer, talented artists have also captured you; how did that come about?

Well, I’m not a dancer and have no formal training in that realm, but I am an actor and a mover. All of my artistic endeavours and collaborations have come about from connections I’ve made through school, friend groups, Or the people I’ve met on various creative jobs I’ve booked.

Given a choice, how would you like to be captured (Drawn, painted, cast, sculpted or photographed) and why?

Well, I have been captured in all of these mediums except for being cast. I’ve always wanted to do that, so I choose that one.

Do you have any photographers you would love to work with but haven’t yet?
Oh, yea, so many, ha! The list would be so long, so I’ll stick to 4. I would be floored, honored, moonstruck dead and risen back to life if I could work with @thetogfather, @petrafcollins, @moodydarkroom, and @brettsphoto.

Artist name: David Alvarado / Model: Room 926

If you could please the perfect photoshoot, what would it be?

Wow, this is an unanswerable question for me. Because as much as my psycho perfectionist self would like it to…sadly…perfect doesn’t exist. But Also, I cannot have favourites. It’s a weird thing about me; I can’t ever just pick one thing! Whatever the perfect shoot for me is, though, it would definitely have, at the very least, a tinge of darkness and edge.

You have reached over 18K followers on Instagram, which is a fantastic achievement. Do you have any tips for people wanting to grow their Instagram?

Thank you. Honestly, it just takes time. What worked for me may not work for everyone else. I had 3 accounts deleted or deactivated from Instagram before I had the account I have now. Each account grew a little larger, the highest reaching 22k, as my work began to catch on. That catching on happened through genuine relationships and collaborations with other artists for me. When other artists and photographers who had larger followings would reach out to work with me or agree to collaborate when I’d reach out to them, I would see my numbers rise. I’ve also been lucky enough to be published several times, which also helped. Honestly, I’m fortunate to have been able to rebuild to the point I have and still see continued growth. It’s not easy for creators like me to sustain and grow without getting banned, shut down, and silenced.

Artist name: Shane Steele / Model: Room 926

As a nude model, what are your thoughts about Instagram restrictions on nudity?

Ha! Can you guess? I’ll say this. Art is art. There is such a thing as non-sexual nudity. Expressing Sensuality isn’t shameful or bad. Sexuality is a significant aspect of the human experience. If men’s nipples are appropriate, women’s nipples should be too. Systemic misogyny is the root of all evil.

Can you describe your typical day when you have a photoshoot?

That totally depends on what time the shoot is. I do my own hair and makeup, and I almost always provide my own wardrobe. I always pack and prepare the day before. If it’s a morning shoot, I try very hard not to disturb my sleeping boyfriend (though I often fail, haha). Coffee and water IV while I get ready, hahaha. Just kidding…or am I? Shower, makeup, hair, comfy clothes, more coffee, keys, and go. I love the days when my boyfriend comes with me and shoots behind-the-scenes footage. His energy makes me lighter and bubblier, which is great when I’m working with someone brand new. I also absolutely LOVE when my boyfriend IS the photographer. Working together artistically with my lover has always been a dream of mine.

Artist name: Judith Yaws / Model: Room 926

You are a fantastic model. Have you ever thought about being a photographer?

Thank you. I have. I do often photograph myself, but I am fairly technologically challenged. Many have tried and failed to teach me to properly use a real camera, hahaha. But no, in all seriousness, I think I’m better suited for self-portraits and directing.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in the next two years?

I’d like to find myself with studio space to start hosting my own figure posing workshops.
I’d like to create a visual album of my poetry. By visual album, I mean you can listen to it and watch it.

If you want to see more check out Room 926 Instagram

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