A journey into life modelling

Pia is new to life modelling. Pia has done portrait work but is now looking to get into life modelling.

Why did you want to get into life modelling?

I thought it’d be a good way of boosting my confidence. I had always been subconscious about being plus-sized and figured it would help.

If you were to be captured in one form (painted, drawn, sculpted or cast), which one would you choose and why?

Sculpted. Because your likeness is made out of hard material, it also shows softness and is alive

I can see you have some tattoo work on your right arm.

Yes, the bands on my arm are traditional for women of my tribe. To enhance our beauty, but it’s usually tattooed on our chin and neck back in Ethiopia

Are you looking for in-person or virtual life modelling work?

I am looking for both types of work. I am a bit nervous but curious to see how I manage, so I would like the first nude session to be virtual.

What is the best time and way to contact you?

I am available for modelling in the evenings and weekends.

Email is best; I check it daily – tegbaramare@yahoo.co.uk

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