Scottish Life Model

What made you first want to get into life modelling?

My Mum actually messaged me to tell me I should try it out! It’s also something I’ve been more curious about this year since I have been doing more modelling here and there.

Once you decided that, how did you get started?

I got started by participating in All The Young Nudes life modelling workshop that I saw was on soon, and since this, I have done a couple of In-person sessions with them, and one in a skatepark that will be coming out on July 11th at 7 pm online with ATYN.

Do you know where your first life drawing session was?

It was in the upstairs realm of the beautiful bar, Sloans. Lots of nice areas of the room to fixate on while posing there, like shiny wood and stained glass.

Was it what you expected or completely different, if so how?

I think it was even nicer than I expected since the playlist had good music, and I wasn’t freezing since a blow heater was facing me. I was worried about having not prepared poses, but I found I didn’t really need to anyway, since the pressure isn’t there to pick one super long pose in this session anyway. I also found it was better to follow instinct and let my poses form organically rather than pre-planning… but practice/preparation never hurts, too, if that’s your approach. 

When modelling what do you think about?

Sometimes I listen to the lyrics of the songs that play, sometimes, I think about how the pose looks like a still from a film, and I imagine what would be going on in that scene for me to end up in this pose. Sometimes I hardly think of anything at all. And sometimes, if I have picked a particularly painful pose, I try not to think about the pain.

Do you pose only in person or do you also do virtual sessions?

I do both in-person and virtual life drawing sessions.

Image Credit: Bruno Romański

What do you like doing when you are not life modelling?

I like to go charity shopping and cast spells. I like to make delicious dinners and try new wines. I like to act and make money too!

Is there a medium (Painted, Drawn, sculpted or cast) you most want to be captured in?

To be sculpted would be insane! Very cool… but I also like to see all the variations of people’s drawings, of all the different styles and perceptions.

Who is your favourite artist? 

I’m not sure I have a definite favourite, but I love pre-Raphaelite paintings of witches when they were portrayed as soft and beautiful. I also wish I Could be drawn as an anime girl by Matsuri Hino.

Which part of life modelling do you enjoy the most and which is the worst part?

I enjoy the most doing lots of short poses since you can challenge the artists with poses you couldn’t hold for ages. It’s also so very rewarding seeing the art people make of you! And the worst part… is that I always seem to be on my period when I happen to life model! The focus helps those cramps pretty much leave, though.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone looking to start life modelling? 

Don’t choose a pose that you will be in for a while that puts all your weight on one joint! It may feel comfortable at the start but it will definitely begin to sting. Also, have fun and be daring.

Any plans for the future?

Yes! I will continue to life model in Glasgow, but will be life modelling in London / Essex area since I will be moving to there at the end of this year for my drama school studies!

If an artist is looking to work with you what is the easiest way for them to contact you?

They could contact me through my email address, , or send me a message on Instagram if you have it – 666fathersblessing.rek

Do you have anything else to add?

Blessings to all who have made it to the end of this interview, thank you for reading.

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