Life’s Journey in photos – Self Portrait Artist

Self Portrait Artists _glimpsesofyellowroad has decided to capture her feels and journey through life in self portraits.

Can we start by giving a brief history of how you began _glimpsesofyelllowroad

Like many other women (and probably also men) I have spend to much of my life hating or disliking my body. When I turned 40 I made some changes in my life. One of them to enjoy life more than I had previously. I started to enjoy photography and taking snapshots of everyday beauty. Last summer I started taking nudes of myself – trying to find my own beauty. I almost stopped taking nudes very quickly after I started – because I couldn’t look at myself that way, and I wasn’t very good at taking nudes. I continued and improved a bit. Two days after my 45th birthday last fall I opened my first account. I honestly never thought that anyone would want to watch. I wasn’t that familiar with nude photography and had my own prejudices about it. In the beginning I planned to delete the account after a couple of months, but now I don’t think I will ever quit.

Is there any specific you have to do to take your photos?

Almost all of my photos are random snapshots. Not planned or staged. Except a few ones. I often admire some of the other beautiful accounts I follow. Beautiful people who plan, do their hair, have the right lighting etc. When I try to copy that I often feel alienated. That is not me – not for now at least. I have kids and a job, where I have to be very rational, systematic and have be considerate of other people’s opinions and needs. I started to take photos for myself and I will try to hold on to that feeling. The main focus is to feel joy and to find that everyday beauty that I started out with. And most time I often only have like 10-15 minutes to take some photos.

Can you tell me what is the most challenging part of taking photos is?

To find time and to be open to myself. Not be too critical or overthinking stuff. I tend to do that in other areas of my life.

Copyright – _glimpsesofyellowroad

What camera do you use for your photos?

Because it is often snapshots I use my phone. I have a real camera, Olympus Pen, but I mostly use that for other kind of photography.

How do you find your inspiration for your photos?

I sometimes call my Photos for instant emotions. It can be waking up and feeling good. Seeing the rays of sun through my window, appreciating af part of myself that I haven’t done before.

Have you ever taken a photo by mistake, but the results have been fantastic?

Since most of my photos are ‘accidents’ I have to say yes to that question 😉I did a series an afternoon in my bed. I was working from home and had a half hour between online meetings. I took all of my clothes off, opened the windows and enjoyed the beautiful sunlight and took a lot of pictures. Some of them turned out nice and I have shared some of them on my account.

Copyright – _glimpsesofyellowroad

Do you have a favourite photo you have taken?

I think I have several. Most of the photos I share mean something to me. The series in my bed in the sunlight are some of my favorites. I felt free and good. Free from shame and unapologetic about being naked in the sun. Another series is the ‘reach-up-on-the-top-shelf’. You see all of me from the back. I have some childhood emotinal scars about my buttom. I never thought I could showcase all of me from the back like that and even feeling somewhat proud of it. That was a personal success for me.

If you could shoot in any location, what would be your ideal location?

At the beach and in the water. I live in a climate where swimming in the sea and being at the beach is a very short period during the year. I love swimming in the sea, so being photographed in water would be amazing. Other locations is in the woods or on a roof top.

Artists have captured you; you have taken photos and Polaroids. Can I please tell us what the hell next challenge is?

My ambition is to stay curious and exploring new things. I want to increase my photography skills. All of my Photos are selfportraits. I am starting to think it could be fun to try to be photographed by someone else. That would be a BIG challenge for me.

Copyright – _glimpsesofyellowroad

If an artist would like to draw you, what is the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Send me a DM, remember that I am not a trained model, let me follow you for awhile, it is important for me to ‘know’ the artist a bit and stay classy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me you have taken some incredible photos. I wish you all the best.

YellowRoad is also a life model check out her Life Modelling in Instagram

One thought on “Life’s Journey in photos – Self Portrait Artist

  1. The intimacy of her images is always humbling and welcoming at the same time. Truly a shining artist… Many thanks!


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