Amelia took step in front of the easel to pose.

Amelia took step in front of the easel to pose.

What made you start life modelling

But the moment I took off my robe… Nothing happened, and no one shrieked or laughed or pointed, and people just made beautiful art. It was one of those stereotypical life-changing moments.

But I bet you are glad you did?

I sure am. Each time I do it, I love it more.

Do your friends and family know your life model, and what do they think about it?

Yes, they do, and my parents were supportive and just wanted to check it was safe. My sister was excited for me, and my friends were all excited for me too. I’m very grateful everyone I associate with is open-minded like that. My husband is so supportive too, and he sends me screenshots of other opportunities/ads he sees.

You only are to be captured in one medium, i.e., drawn, painted, or cast; which one would you choose and why?

I think drawing is a more expressive and “in-the-moment” medium. Maybe paint can hold the same gesture, but I believe charcoal and graphite are best for quick studies.

So what is the most challenging/effortless part of being a life model?

Hmm, the hardest is confidence at the moment. I still get nervous. But then it turns into the easiest thing to become a still object to draw. I like the duality of it. It’s scary being naked in a room full of people, but the easiest thing to do is be naked and yourself simultaneously.

Before doing a life drawing session, do you do any preparation?

Not really; I stretch a lot in the morning and make sure I’ve had a good breakfast!

When you have a life drawing session, do you choose the poses, or does the host pose you?

It varies. I’m currently doing 4-hour sessions today, and it might be guided in so much as “standing”, “curled up”, etc. But I have the liberty to put myself in what is comfortable and manageable.

What do you think is the hardest part of the body to draw for artists? As a model, is there anything you can do to help the artist with this part of the body?

Oooh, I think feet and hands. I am always so conscious of my hand placement for artists. I try and make it as easy as possible!

Have you had any strange requests to be life drawn in any unusual locations?

No, not so far. It’s all been very “normal” so far—classes, galleries etc.

Has no one asked to draw you whilst sitting in the bath?

Hahahaha no, not so far!

Have you ever been asked to hold a pose you have not been comfortable in, and how long did you have to hold it for?

Yeah, sort of. I did “fighting” poses the other day, which required holding my arms up for 5 mins which hurt a bit. Some poses you think will be okay, but 20minutes in, they hurt too. But most tutors or artists will be super supportive if you need to shake it out or briefly pause. A lot of poses will get stuff after a long time. Though it also could mean I need to be more fit!

How did you find out about RAM?

In my research for jobs back in 2019, I came across it. I didn’t become a member until just recently because I want to be doing more modelling.

What do you think about RAM? What are the pros and cons of the site?

So far, I like it. I feel like it’s secure and considerate, and I think it’s a service that’s much needed for vetted call outs and opportunities.

I guess it could be a bit more user-friendly, but I haven’t found any cons so far.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start life modelling?

Ooh, I think I’d say what someone told me just as I started, which was that it would feel like the sky will cave in the moment you drop your robe. But… Nothing happens. Within seconds you realize it isn’t anything to fear. Face the fear head-on, and you’ll come through it and leave feeling pretty empowered.

So how would a new life model go about finding their first job?

I’d suggest researching life drawing classes and messaging the organizers to ask if they’re looking for models. That’s how I’ve got the majority of my work. There are occasionally life model job ads on job seeker websites, and of course, there is a job board on RAM.

Want to find out more about Amelia?

Instagram – Art Profile / Life Modelling Profile

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