Convent Garden Life Drawing Classes

How long has Covent Garden Life Drawing been running?

I am a life model myself, so I started to run this class for the guy who used to own it before,

He thought I was reliable, and he asked me to run the classes for him. I did until lockdown happened. 

He decided to offer it to Silvina he said you might want to carry on. 

By then, it was 2021, and restrictions were quite tight, but I started in Chalk farm on Thursdays; the name of the life drawing class is Covent garden life drawing, as we used to be in the area.

Now I spread to different areas in London

Can you please tell me more about your life drawing sessions?

My sessions are untutored drop-in class style, open to everyone who wants to draw, even if they have never done it before. 

The classes are from 7 pm to 9 pm

With poses ranging from 3 to 20 minutes 

Tuesday is drinking and drawing night, so you can enjoy a pint while drawing, and Wednesday and Thursday, we have a 15 minutes break, and I serve tea and biscuits.

We provide all the materials.

Classes are relaxing, and I like playing music that people always say they enjoy!

We always go to the pub after as this is a social meeting and we share the work we have done.

Great! Life drawing is a way for me to socialize, and Silvina does have a talent and charisma; always great people around her.

Javier de Juan

Do you know how many life models have you showcased during that time?

I have lost count! Lots of them for sure, I try to have a variety, but some models are regulars in my class as I love working with them 

What do models say about your drawing classes?

I loved the vibe of their sessions. In my opinion models are usually very good at running sessions. They really understand the protocols of a drawing room and are usually very aware of both the needs of the models and the needs of the artists. I love Silvina’s music selection and she makes everyone feel welcome and happy. She is very very efficient and kind. Covent Garden Life Drawing is definitely one of my favourite sessions in London.

A popular Convent Garden Life Model – Carla Tofano

Are your life drawing sessions only in-person, or do you also offer virtual sessions?

I started with virtual classes, and it was ok, and I appreciate the fact we all could carry on working and communicating but now only in person.

Do your sessions ever have a theme?

No, I don’t. So all the artist has to focus on is drawing the model, making it nice and straightforward. 

Is there any skill requirement to join your sessions?

No skill requirements, only being ready to draw and let go!

Copyright | Model – Carla Tofano / Photographer – Selinka Mayer

Have you ever posed for the group yourself?

Well, I’m ready to get naked if the model is late or cancels; so far, it only happened once I had done 15 minutes set as the model was running a little late. The model is essential for the class.

Are the sessions tutor lead or just come and draw?

Just come and draw 

Do you have anything else to add?

Join life drawing is a unique experience!

You can find more information about Covent Life Drawing sessions on Instagram

Are you to attend a life drawing event yourself why not check out our Event page

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